• Lmerrill

    I like the line work in this, although it could be a little more dynamic with some varied stroke width. I think that the one thing I would try to improve, if this was my design, would be the lack of a clearly defined light source. I can tell that some of the red tone is coming from the red flames behind the figure but I'm unsure as to where the white light is coming from. Nice work, keep it up!
  • JoeWSE

    I got F'ed in the A for using that type, dont use it without consent lol, good stuff though, love the illu
  • Obscure

    send it to job for a cowboy they might snap that up:)
  • Unicorn

    looks great ;]
  • sonar

    the perspective on the skull makes it weird
  • Lmerrill

    Hey! I figured it out, sonar. There really should be a shadow on the top of the burger thing. I'm having a hard time differentiating the spacial relationship between the two. The intensity of the red sandwich makes it seem to protrude closer to the viewer than the skull, when logic would tell us otherwise. I think the design would benefit from that little shadow.

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