• prajoedi

  • chad manzo

    her boobs look kinda weird..all else is beautifully done.
  • prajoedi

    holypig said: pertamax!!!

    where i can buy this?
  • TenTimesKarma

    love how you color your designs!
  • prajoedi

    holypig said: you need this man?
    your bobs will look awesome lol..
    here the shop

    where is that shop dude? looks delicious!
  • prajoedi

    chadmanzo said: her boobs look kinda weird..all else is beautifully done.

    thanks man.. im not good drawing boobs, but im good suckin it.. hahaha.. joking.. thanks for the love by the way..
  • Obscure

    beautiful Arie nice job man:)
  • prajoedi

    Obscure said: beautiful Arie nice job man:)

    thanks man...
  • Monsterror

    I dig it,The lighting Always Awesome..!!
  • TheBoyWhoLived

    chadmanzo said: her boobs look kinda weird...

  • JoeWSE

    antzs69 said: I think this is awesome, but there is a few things i think you could improve....

    Not as much on the mock, but if you look at your other colourways, what is your eyes drawn to first? It should be her (blatantly fake) boobage, but the candle lights are very much distracting the attention from them.

    I also think the detail at the bottom of the piece isnt helping. My eyes should be going up, to the Mammoth (which is incredible btw) but i feel the detailing at the bottom is where my eyes are being dragged to, after the woman/bewbs.

    you know your stuff man, i agree
  • E+N

    ohhh good stuff
  • gefiction

    pretty handsome :D
  • kiki.cwn

  • roovie

    gefiction said: pretty handsome :D
  • Juliano TUBORK

    amazing that u just used 3 colours!!great!!
  • mark bisson

    awesome. for some reason i like the bronze colored one best. also its kind of annoying that the mock has such big wrinkles in it imo
  • prajoedi

    Thanks alot you guys.. how am i suposse to do with the boobs? im not good about boobs thing..
  • krizvector

    Veds Zombie said: Uuhhh.. Hot Babes.. In Hot Temple..
    Shining All Over The Place..
    Great Detailing, Mate..

    thumbs up!
  • congcimen

    i love the blue..
  • devilreject

    cipoet1984 said: good!
  • NicolaOlla

    i'm sure cradle of filth would accept this :D

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