Artwork is for sale.

  • drawsgood

    Couple colorways.

  • chad manzo

    you're on a roll!
  • drawsgood

    thanks chad!

    Edited Colorways


    the facial expression looks sick..
  • uzi

    KENSUKE said: the facial expression looks sick..
  • jeremiah was a

    You surely draw good, this is cool man!
  • Andrew Haines

    chadmanzo said: you're on a roll!
  • tidyink

    Awesome! I think it'd be EVEN cooler with more stitching, patches and stuffing popping out of the horse!
  • Craig Robson

    you rule!
  • Obscure

    thats so fucking good man, you seen that retarded hourse on family guy season 8 i think? hahahahaha reminds me of the way he runs. priceless:)
  • Griggitee

  • NVasion

  • Betraydan

    love it
  • Paul Granese

    chadmanzo said: you're on a roll!
  • ianleino

    such great details!
  • Unicorn

    soooo good
  • Evanimal

    Yeah, way cool!
  • drawsgood

    thanks all! Gotta keep pluggin away.
  • Stijn Van Belle

    You are definitely going so fast in designing, you keep amazing me
    great job
  • DeeDeeKid

  • viniciusdantas

    What the price of desing? Mail me:

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