Following on from Dune and Aliens, heres another sci-fi based tee for metal titans The Black Dahlia Murder. No zombies here, just space..

  • danmumford

  • Obscure

    u cud of atleast had a few zombies in space suits... im dissapointed... great job!
  • E+N

    you are the champions
  • gefiction

  • LaFlamme

    Yeah the star destroyers from Star wars!!! EPIC!
    Maybe the tip of the ship is too flush with the purple planet but it's a minus visual detail.
    It's beautiful!
  • Craig Robson

  • Harvest

    Colours are perfect.
  • Certis

    Thats crazy! good job!
  • ndrue182

    perfect as usual....
  • chad manzo

    ndrue182 said: perfect as usual....

    you sir are a God.
  • mumolabs

    Craig Robson said: insane!
  • Namsing

    dorrdarr said: TOTD SOON!

  • danmumford

    Thanks everyone, this is one of my faves ive done recently, totally unlike anything i get asked to draw, im loving the scifi route BDM are taking me recently!!!
  • 1000eyesdesign

    i dare say this is your best
  • 110specialblack

    haaa i like where this is going
  • Stijn Van Belle

    This is so killer =)
    Loved :)
  • Andrew Haines

    Nasty!! Definitely my favorite
  • _starryeyez_

    Killer work as usual :)
  • Wyndelle Remonde

    salute to your talent
  • Travis Cook

    great work
  • atomicchild

    face good
  • Miguel Montenegro

    So awesome!
    Amazing Work!
  • Tom Philibeck

  • Paul Granese

    I love this.
  • drawsgood

    wowza jowza!
  • mathiasrapp

    wooooooow this is so awesome!
  • MattisGentle

    your line work is just freaking amazing and your style is just soo unique

    LOVE IT!
  • uzi

  • xjoshuabelangerx

    givin the kiddies what they want!
  • Rial Demones

    Travis Cook said: great work

    FatherMother said: AWESOME..

    dorrdarr said: TOTD SOON!

    KoeleKoen said: please,i want to be kidnapped by these aliens
  • Betraydan

    awesome & beyond !
  • Benjamin Lande

    Impressive work as always. Looks great in print!
  • DesignByRyan

    Holy shit!
  • DCBeatty

    I feel like the bridges of the Star Destroyers are facing the viewer just a little bit too much, but this is still awesome. Great work.
  • danmumford

    thanks everyone, wasnt sure how this would go down initially as its essentially quite different from my usual work i think, but im glad it was accepted with warmth.
  • tidyink

    Great, now we'll get lots of planets and space ships over the next week or so..... :)
  • doomsday

    colour me bad...

  • skeletorART


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