Pitched this around a little, but no luck.

4 colours on forest. The darker shades would be printed without underbase. As always, comments are appreciated.

  • Joshua Jordan

  • nugget

    i think this can be alot better the concept is nice but some of the lines feel a little rush you know what im saying like around the face? try revamping it good luck :)
  • Joshohh

    I agree comment about the face- the nose doesnt look quite right.
    This is great though man,
    You're improving loads.
  • Joshua Jordan

    Thanks a lot guys! Maybe the nose still doesn't look quite right :S I struggled with it so much already.
  • Joshua Jordan

    JoshOhh said:
    You're improving loads.

    And this means a ton to me.
  • Joshua Jordan

    asdafkid said: these colors make me hungry for some ice cream, which is a good tihng!

    Thanks a lot! I was really pleased with the final colour combination.
  • jeremiah was a

    I like how you did the grass
  • Joshua Jordan

    jeremiah was a said: I like how you did the grass

    I appreciate it man.
  • i came from nothing

    looking kida cool
  • Joshua Jordan

    i came from nothing said: looking kida cool

    I kinda thank you ;)
  • Joshua Jordan

    C.winter said: I really like this design!

    Really glad you like it man!

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