Q: Can something be too metal?
A: No, no it cannot.

  • Bon Brouillard

  • Sol Amstutz

  • itcamefromthesky

    Nothing metal about bras, dude. lol This rules.

    We're playing New England Hardcore & Metal Fest with these dudes. I might pick this up.
  • Ciro

    Skwintz said: so fucking metal! \m/
  • oss caroch

    classic metal.Retro imagery is perfect.
    awesome dude.
  • ibzombieliquorice

    Camel toe? Never too metal!
  • i came from nothing

    cakeypigdog said: wicked!
  • 1000eyesdesign


    i think this looks more cooler if those chics were nnneeekkeeed........
  • james sterling

    Is his right (our left) horn decimating that hookers head?
  • downrodeo

    i think all the girls look too similar, but still good stuff mate.
  • drop

  • drop

    the only thing that bothers me is the chick on the upper right. think her head should be behind the horn.
  • Craig Robson

  • Paul Granese

  • roovie

    haha.... i tho you eat lots of porn magz to done this...(just kidding man)....

    Very cool.... i need to love this twice ( i wish i could) ha....
  • swissarmyshark

    thought the girl on the left was pregnant
  • chad manzo

    paulgranese said: TITS!

    demons are metal, and half-naked chicks are more metal!
  • Royal

    neck monster look's not proporsional, but these amazing design...

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