I have completely reworked the linework, i thought it was a significant enough change to warrant a repost.
Really after critique and advice.

  • 1000eyesdesign

    i like this man
  • Bob Kawa

    I loved it before and still love it now, refreshing and would love to wear it.
  • Craig Robson

    about a bazillion times better.
  • Kins

    super nice
  • Ciro

    love !!
  • Joshua Jordan

    Craig Robson said: about a bazillion times better.
  • PitchGrim

    looks great

    PitchGrim said: looks great
  • ChrisNeal

    thanks a lot guys, have some deets.
  • Adam Vaudin

    super improvement !
  • Aiden Knowles

    id so wear this

  • fallen

  • ndstillie

  • adam.

    the line work reminds me of alex pardee, really awesome

    this is definitely one i'd wear

    super great!
  • BCHC

    Good work and very interesting.
  • nicebleed

    very cool! :D
  • ChrisNeal

    Thanks for all the comments guys.
    So stoked to be getting some from a few of my favourite artists on here.
  • jeremiah was a

    Very cool man, dig the sun's reflection in the water too
  • ChrisNeal

    Boy and Girls this is availible TODAY at www.5quidinkshop.com! go grab one!
  • Cinderellas Wolf

    Really cool concept, looks epic!

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