Commissioned by band BLIND WITNESS.
Pretty funny.

  • DesignByRyan

  • treycook

    Haha dammit.
  • Matt Ryan

    DesignByRyan said:

    Photo was given as reference from the band.

    God i love Slipknot!!
    You are awesome dude,you made my day!!
  • markusmanson

    PEOPLE = SHIT!!!!!!
  • jayakarma

    morfin said: cool
  • chad manzo


    you are awesome!
  • Andrew Haines

    This is a disasterpiece!

    Me likey
  • E+N

    i love corey taylor
    maggots corps
  • cherrypistols

    i love in that video how singer and drummer are wearing dropdead and the bassist is wearing jshantz charity shirt!

    Slipknot parody awesome :D

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