• Greg Abbott

    Thank you Jeff!
  • labyrinth

    this looks incredibly well done Greg.
  • Greg Abbott

    Thank you Labyrinth!
    Thanks Quotes! I see what you mean but don’t have a strong idea of where else I could place it.
  • gaunty

    Like I told you already that lolly pop is phenominal. Seeing it on a mock now I think I´d prefer it as a poster. It´s pretty damn rad Gregg. No thanks needed.
  • Kins

  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Guanty!
    Thanks Designkins!
  • Ciro

    #469....woooohh...like it !
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Ciro!
  • gut42

  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks gut42!
  • Craig Robson

    so good!
  • treycook

    Great work Greg!
  • redblackberries

    looks delicious. how does one unwrap the candy? ;)
  • Adhesive Hippo

    Wow. That's some detail I've never seen from you! Cool
  • jeremiah was a

    Wow impressive
  • Colin

    this is unbelievable, i honestly thought the lollipop was a real photo for a second. great work as usual Greg!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Craig!
    Thanks trey!
    Thanks Slain!
    Thanks redblackberries!
    Thanks Hippo!
    Thanks Chaud!
    Thanks Jeremiah!
    Thanks kcsallstar!
    Thanks Kongo!
  • skytree

    i'm hungry
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks skytree!
    Thanks Jaakie201!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks skytree!
  • heat.

    Great work!
  • pandycane

    love this mate!
  • j_quigly

    mouth watering. love the colors.
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks heat!
    Thanks pandy!
    Thanks j quigly!
  • adfreak

    hungry! =D
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks adfreak!
  • swissarmyshark

    the candy came out really well
  • Pavel Fisher

    That lollipop is just amazing! Great work Greg.
  • chad manzo

    i need this.
  • rasefour

    yippiee... it's so nice...
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks swissarmyshark!
    Thanks Josh Chance!
    Thanks Pavel Fisher!
    Thanks chadmanzo!
    Thanks rasefour!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Jordan!

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