3 colors, 1 gradient

  • alexmdc

    Pandora's Box - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

  • chad manzo

    this would def be a print.
  • Kins

    chadmanzo said: this would def be a print.

    yes he is right

    Very nice! Great illustration quality like always!
  • alexmdc

    thanx doods!
  • Betraydan

    love it
  • markusmanson

    never stop amazes me...
  • dobi

  • Dxtr

    nice one
  • litoQ

    You're my favorite.
  • derekdeal

  • heat.

    Great work again!
  • Beadler

    this is so sick.... you are the man
  • atomicchild

    dang man....you got mad skillzzzzzzz
  • RobotTiger

    i love the hair... a lot
  • chad manzo

    i keep coming back because of all the awesomeness in this.
  • fallen

    you never cease to amaze me man! awesome work as always!
  • Christopher Lovell

    Masterpiece!! x
  • qetza

  • akrapf

    you're unstoppable!!! extremly good stuff!
    lol @ thestray...i agree ;)
  • alexmdc

    thestray said: Just do ONE thing that's mediocre, just so we know you're human.

    alexmdc does not compute, please insert new suggestion
  • buko

    amazing work as always!

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