I was at a show the other night, and amidst the flashing lights, noticed the way that the light was hitting the mic, and a red and cyan shadow were overlapping on his shirt.

Sometimes the simple ideas are the ones worth going for.

I'd really like to add some texture-- akin to Kyle Crawford or Sam Kaufman's work. If anybody has some decent resources on that, I'd appreciate it.

But what do you guys think?

--Updated with wire.--

  • Griggitee

    I think it would be more dynamic if it was like how you saw it at the show. Put it on a black tee so there are hints of the lights outlining the silhouette of the mic.
  • Peter Anderelli

    Thanks B 7 and circlesquare.

    That's the thing... this is literally exactly how it was-- just thought it looked neat.

    I could add some other lights, I suppose, good idea! Also I just now remembered that microphones have wires, so I'll add that too.
  • Peter Anderelli

    Thanks phatcat, I'm glad you like it!
  • Peter Anderelli

    Thanks Gnar Gnar, I appreciate it.

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