• chrisrushing

    yeah that shirt is rad. wish i had money to buy.
    if my shirt wins, i'm definitely getting that one with some of the prize money.
  • sockmonkee

    pretty rad dood
  • csj89

    will buy this soon! nice work man
  • ryanmiller

    i wore this yesterday man! i love the design. i got a medium but it fits like a large.. kinda bummed about that
  • sockmonkee

    man i really like this. i keep lookin at it.
  • Ben Danger

    your blowin this spot up dude
  • andrE w.

    this is awesome i was just on ur website and most everything on there is equally as awesome, haha
  • chrisrushing

    hahahahaha dragonforce dude?
  • horsebites

    Yeah dude! SHREDDING IT!!!!
  • herman

    I wish I was in Dragon Force, then I would've killed Guitar Hero.
  • herman

    almost, but its Lee. Rocking for Dragonforce would be awesome though.
  • derekdeal

    skull with hair said: eh, i still think its you.

  • kennybanzai

    Nice one dude

    This is awesome.

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