based on one of their songs. 100% hand drawn. took forever with those dots.

  • Chaddoesdesign

    this is tight man, good job
  • Joshua Stomberg

    awesome again chris
  • Birdie31

    again... you style KICKS A$$!!!
  • Kyle Crawford

    i love this, its just those damn speakers that bug me
  • andrE w.

    damn thats so tight. love it.
  • jfinley

    this one is great
  • godsloadedsociety

    IamEZ said: i love this, its just those damn speakers that bug me

    Love it as well. The speakers bother me too, but no big deal. Killer shirt.
  • derekdeal

    awesome work, i agreed on the speakers, it took me a minute to figure it out.
  • ThinkBaker

    Godmachine said: i thought they were nipples- honest to god. doh.

  • chrisrushing

    thanks guys... haha i thought they looked ok as speakers, oh well.
  • betterthanhuman

    Chris, I think the speakers might look like nipples because they're pink... Maybe. Also, I believe the song is actually "Erfquake"
    Still, I love the art.
  • chrisrushing

    yeah it is erfquake, but i knew that, just went with this though.
  • derekdeal

    chris i think the speakers look like nipples because its a small circle inside of another larger circle.
  • andrE w.

    Oliver said: i like this. i still hate that band though.

    +1 they are annoying
  • chrisrushing

    haha they are fun.
  • Beadler

    sweet... the text is rad
  • emosamurai

    Chris, once again, amazing!
  • chrisrushing

    i was trying to find this for a while... i think i was subconciously influenced by this ride in Orlando.

  • Kyle Crawford

    the ride isnt called earthquake anymore, its now called disaster...lame
  • kennybanzai

    i want to buy
  • andrE w.

    just saw someone wearing this!

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