Design I did for Paramore based on their new video.

  • dovemans

    don't like the shirt colour, something weird with the contrast.
  • 1000eyesdesign

    rules apart from the shirt colour
  • jimmybreen

    Changed the brown shirt to grey.

    Thanks guys!
  • rasefour

    it's cool
  • DeadRight

    Great work!
  • labyrinth

    This looks great Jimmy
  • DesignByRyan

    Thats nice.
  • Jamers

    nice one jimmy
  • suburbanhijinx

    this is fucking great!
  • atomicchild

    nice man...glad to see you posting designs again..oh and tell FBR to like my designs
  • fallen

  • psycomedy

    nice work!!
  • 1000eyesdesign

    jimmyh said: Changed the brown shirt to grey.

    Thanks guys!

    works a lot better now matey
  • ChrisW

    i would change is to that charcoal aa shirt i forgot the name. and add some texture in the background. sick idea though.
  • Sam Kaufman

    Really nice Jimmy
  • jimmybreen

    Thank you everybody!
  • Benjamin Lande


    jcgtat said: This is great Jimmy!
  • _starryeyez_

    Love this..
  • JakeJerome

    so cool!

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