A design made for a Rise Against tour admat with Rancid and formatted for a shirt design.

  • Betraydan

    Love it , been a while since you last posted.
  • 1000eyesdesign

    Betraydan said: Love it , been a while since you last posted.
  • DeadRight

    Pretty pretty good.
  • litoQ

    The horse bites again
  • derekdeal

    shit rules
  • devilreject


    this kicks ass
  • Sam Kaufman

  • Scott Gunner

    love the band and love this
  • Tom Neal

    Your textures always rule.
  • Gianni

    i really like this, great job.
  • oohdoyle

  • treycook

    looks great as usual dude!
  • xjoshuabelangerx

    2 color awesome
  • Adam Vaudin

    xjoshuabelangerx said: 2 color awesome
  • gaunty

    Pulled down about 6 of these fliers when they were advertising in Spain but they were all fucked by the rain.
  • uzi

    totally awesome.
  • ThirstyFly

  • drop

    saw that tourposter everyday for weeks on way to work. i wondered if that was you. now i know =)
  • Geoff May

    This is great.
  • Benjamin Lande

    Awesome man. You need to post more often!
  • lazyeye

    Yeah Horsebites!
  • horsebites

    Thanx for all the kind comments! I really doing a mixture of illustration and cut and paste. Glad you guys are in to it.

    Hot damn!
  • [d]steph[k]

    i absolutely love this. i liked this on emptees too xD
  • Evilians

    RAD !!!!

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