This is a shirt I just finished for SoCal hardcore band Stick To Your Guns . They remind me a lot of Himsa, and that's a very good thing. This piece was heavily influenced by "The Walking Dead" comics mainly with the color and text treatment, the zombie was hand drawn by me, and the typeface is custom as well.

  • Kyle Crawford

    looks as if he should be saying something, not into the shirt color... i know thats the type of colors that TWD uses, maybe go with a red to make the brown pop out more, than you could do some blood
  • Colemadethis

    red would be nice
  • Ben Danger

    I think the darker shade of brown is unnecessary. otherwise, rad
  • ThinkBaker

    did you know your link goes back to this page?
  • Joshua Stomberg

    ThinkBaker said: did you know your link goes back to this page?

    that's really weird, cause I just read the link and it's the right one ... I even retyped it and it still does it ... BUG!
  • litoQ

    sick illy

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