Wear this at the most violent party and smash everybody's eyes!!

*glow in the dark please


  • atomicchild

    awesome dude
  • MonsieurEureka

    thank you man :)
    It's always great to have comments coming from you
  • What The Eff

    freakin awesome! i think it would look good in a dark blue too.
  • MonsieurEureka

    hahaha, well.. thank you man!!! And I agree, this world need more SMASHING!
  • MonsieurEureka

    oh and.. go vote if you like it!

  • LiviuMatei

  • dstreetz

    u killed it.!
  • litoQ

    Nice work MonsieurEureka!
  • adfreak

    men your style is sooo sick!! love iT!
  • MonsieurEureka

    hey thank you everybody!
  • Sam Montana

    Your style makes my brains hurt in the right way. I love this!

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