Pending approval from Impaled.

4 colors.

EDIT: Approved!

  • scumbugg

  • mark bennett

    soo goooood
  • alexcampbellart

    Holy shit!
  • immortalrevenge

    never was a huge fan of the guts on tees until now, this rocks my face off
  • karimnlsl

    yo please hit me up at about purchasing this design if Impaled doesn't come through. i'm on my girlfriend's comp right now and it won't pull up your e-mail address for me (i'm mactarded).
  • scumbugg

    Johnny D said: I am happy you quit your job. Good shit.

    seriously. i completed this in two days, but when i was working it would have taken more like two weeks. i feel like i have super powers.
  • aleph13

    Whoa! Extremely impressed.
  • rasefour

    sick..... love it...
  • Ciro

    puppetvector said: awsomeness!

    Love it !!!
  • Ciro

    destroyer said: if this gets printed let me know! so awesome.
  • Betraydan

    mark bennett said: soo goooood
  • Travis Cook

    i had no idea you were this good
  • scumbugg

    Travis Cook said: i had no idea you were this good

    thanks! my day job was sapping all of my creative energy.

    killer artwork, killer colors....LOVED !
  • Survival

    wow this is great!
  • LiviuMatei

    alexcampbellart said: Holy shit!
  • Tom Philibeck


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