President Barack Obama has made a few perceived missteps in his presidency so far, and some are worried he may be taking us in the wrong direction, and that the hope and change he spoke of were just more empty political promises. Some wish they had instead voted for Barack's undead twin brother, who was also running, but didn't quite get enough votes to snag the Democratic ticket. I'm guessing it was his campaign slogan that let him down -- "Brains" just doesn't have the same stirring and inspiring ring to it that "Hope and Change" does (especially when it's merely a statement of what the candidate wishes to eat). Still, Zombama's candidacy was just as historic as his brother's win, as it marked the first undead candidacy in US history. Won't you celebrate this remarkable accomplishment with this commemorative ZOMBAMA t-shirt?

There are many possible meanings and interpretations of this design, but if you're intent on assigning some sort of racist, hate-filled vibe to it, then I suggest you take a long walk off a short pier. This is a commentary about rabid Obama fan-mania coupled with the news that he may not actually be the returned Messiah after all, as well as a non sequitur parody of appropriation art. This is not a cheap photo-manipulation of that other Obama piece, though it's obviously based on it -- it's completely hand-drawn from scratch, then rendered in Illustrator.

ADDENDUM: The second printing of this shirt is now available in Men's and Women's sizes at my BIG CARTEL shop via the link at the right.

  • quakerninja

    The non zombie part looks stoned.
  • popmonkey

    There is no "non-zombie part". It's ALL-ZOMBIE, baby!
  • popmonkey

  • Mikey

    awesomeeeee! i count the minutes to midnight! i want it!
  • atomicchild

  • LiviuMatei

    atomicchild said: awesome

    I LOVE this tee! You can count on me and all my friends buying this tee at the stroke of midnight!
  • Integral

    I am buying that!
    I hope it prints that big!
  • xjoshuabelangerx

  • popmonkey

    Awright, everybody, it's now for sale for 24 hours only! Head over to TEEFURY.COM and buy as many as you can afford!

    Hey, Skull with Hair, it can still "own" -- just consider it short-sightedly retro.
  • collisiontheory

    looks like my first teefury purchase!!!!
  • PitchGrim

    I will have to buy this
  • Integral

    Just bought one, sic ass shirt! I doubt I will get it by the tiume I go to Fl on saturday, but I will rep this hard on vacation!
  • popmonkey

    Thanks very much guys. Zombama is the perfect vacation-wear. Bonus points if you send a pic of you wearing the shirt in a fancy restaurant!
  • popmonkey

    Well, the ride is over. ZOMBAMA's 24 hours in the spotlight has reached an end, and it was a hell of a ride. He apparently broke the record for number of shirts sold over at TeeFury -- I'll have to get confirmation later.
    Thanks to everybody who stopped by and bought a shirt or three, or just tossed your two-cents into the general discussion.
    Special thanks to Jimiyo for setting up the whole thng -- I'll tell the FBI it was all your idea!

    More to come...
  • LiviuMatei

    I bet this sold more than 1000:)
    can i has right?
  • popmonkey

    eZ-kun and Fat Mouse, you both won that bet. I'm stunned at how well it did.
  • popmonkey

    Susiee08 -- it won't come back to TeeFury. 24 hours only -- that's their rule. I may have to have this screenprinted elsewhere again soon. Been getting many requests for shirts from people who missed the sale, and I don't have 'em to give. Anybody got any suggestions for reliable, high-quality, reasonably priced screenprinters?
  • disembodied head

    ^^check out these guys: http://www.bandwagonmerch.com/index2.html

    i'm gonna have some stuff printed up through bandwagon merch soonish. their portfolio seems pretty decent and when I did price comparisons they were fairly competetive.
  • popmonkey

    Thanks for the info, trustno1. I'll give 'em a look. Let us know how their stuff turns out if you get it done.
  • Cyle Howe

    hahahahaha awesome!!!!
  • popmonkey

    Stevehl, just click on my name, which will take you to my artist page. Folow the "email" link on the right.
  • EmpireDesigns

    I love it. I'll be wearin this one to school. lol
  • popmonkey

    Back in stock and available for order!
  • EmpireDesigns

    I've been workin on a similar piece for a while now, it's an AntiChrist edit of the same pic. I don't know if I want to post it though, people will probably raise hell about it saying it's a rip of this one.
  • popmonkey

    It is. ;)


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