My girlfriend is just crazy about lady gaga these days and wanted me to make a tshirt.

I tought it turned out great so I post it here to have some comments about that typo style!

thank you :)

  • ElektrekClothing

    i love it!
  • PitchGrim

    Looks like it says CADY SAAA
  • Survive

    PitchGrim said: Looks like it says CADY SAAA

    no i read lady gaga straight away, but then i had to second guess myself for a second which is what i think a typo tee like this should do. God job. Ditch the section line and play more with the text instead i rekons.
  • markkula

    excellent type! I like what the section line does to it as an illustration, but i'm not so fond of it on the tee, though...
  • ChrisAnnihilation


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