Inspired by someone who annoys me so much.. quite good for releasing my anger.. hahaha eat that, sucker!


  • quakerninja


    this is funny..nice work..
  • markusmanson

    thx all 4 d support :D glad u guys liked it
  • markusmanson

    haha, thx bro.. but the real person isn't that nice.. believe me.. huahahahaha
  • dobi

  • Bob Kawa

    yeahh haha i thought it looked like hank hill haha
  • Benjamin Lande

    Awesome. reminds me of ren and stimpy
  • markusmanson

    mejiku said: wahhhh anjinnggg itu gw ya !!!!!

    huahahhaha berasaaaa aja lu ya!! ngga2 yon.. tenang2.. lu mah masih belom annoys g separah dia kok..

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