My new threadless submission, hope you like it!!!

  • buko

    Long Journey - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

  • Adam Mann

    i have always loved your work. how do they print something like that with the blended colors? especially your other shirt with the girls face.
  • atomicchild

    i think that will print
  • D E M

    So lovely
  • Demented

    I normally don't wear white shirts, but I'd wear that.
  • DeadRight

    This is a winner!
  • alexmdc

    hell yes!

    ooooh man! I love this! Love the coloring!
  • herky

    beautiful and serene, love it!
  • Sam Kaufman

  • mattcorrado

  • Jake Ward

    sick as fook
  • jublin

    this IS lovely
  • SteveOramA

    nice flow!
    this is greatness.
  • K C B

    I wish this was for sale.
  • treycook

    absolutely amazing.
  • vad_ns

    beautiful!!!!! love it!!!
  • jeremiah was a

    vad_ns said: beautiful!!!!! love it!!!

  • jumpy

    woot perfect
  • silverqe

  • LiviuMatei

    you rule on too many levels!
  • Betraydan

    treyinstereo said: absolutely amazing.
  • zerobriant

    hey this is really neat!!!$5!!!
  • popmonkey

    Gorgeous design and colors.
  • ThinkBaker

    Wow... just, wow.... I love it.
  • Adam Mann

    Seizure why can't you take anything from threadless seriously? what do you have against it?
  • silverqe

    Seizure Lion said: I always laugh when people say that their really good designs are threadless submissions. I just can't take ANYTHING threadless does seriously. Even if it was the best shirt I had ever seen, I wouldn't but a threadless shirt. Call me an elitist?

    I will definitely happily call you a hilariously pretentious elitist. :P
  • silverqe

    Awesome design by the way, Enkel.
  • fallen

    simply beautiful....
  • blakecan

    dig it. dig it. dig it.
  • Roni Lagin

  • nelloforesto

    mikefriedrich said: such a nice stroke!!
  • silverqe

    TEE OF THE DAY!!!!!
  • jimiyo

    Sweet, if it doesnt get picked up...

    just sayin...
  • Betraydan

    this shirt is so damn good , cant stop looking at it .True winner
  • kooky love

  • buko

    Thanks guys! ;D

    Patcher, my e-mail:
  • buko

    thanks macra and serocuel! :D
  • cartooner

    sooo awesome
  • LH

    Man, you are cold! Gotta get some work done by you!

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