He's a Bearilla.

Half Bear, half Gorilla.

He's alright with that.

  • quakerninja

    You getting good at this Lito, Well played.
  • litoQ

    haha thanks guys! He loves you back! ;)
  • bo-ken

    I do love it I want to hug him.
  • litoQ

    bo-ken said: I do love it I want to hug him.

    He wants to hug you too... Free hugs for everyone!
  • BCHC

  • Lion Caster

    hahaha.. I like how "Fallopian" is one of the tags.
  • litoQ

    it's cuz he's a native of the island of Fallopia... duhhh =P
  • rasefour

    odd and cool... :D
  • litoQ

    rasefour said: odd and cool... :D

    Thanks rasefour! that's exactly what I was going for ;)
  • litoQ

    ¡Gacias Elena! I love all sorts of awesome animal hybrids. :)

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