Probably one of the technically tightest designs I've ever done. Real happy with it. It's for an Amricana/Military themed comapny called Inflict Clothing. They're beefing up their inventory with a little help from me!

For sale soon!

  • Evanimal

  • Beadler

    very nice
  • Dxtr

  • ThirstyFly

    Totally gorgeous. Totally loved!
  • Setup85

    That eagle looks delicious!
  • atomicchild

  • suburbanhijinx

  • congcimen

    ThirstyFly said: Totally gorgeous. Totally loved!
  • Griggitee

    Hell yeah
  • Tom Philibeck

    SO tight!!
  • skytree

    Setup85 said: That eagle looks delicious!

  • markusmanson

    this IS tight! but IMHO, the banners on the left and right kinda distracting... would be better if it's at the top center and the bottom center.. well, it's just my opinion mate.. KEEP ROCKIN! :)
  • M5Froth

    winny win win
  • fallen

    so gooood! your one of my favorite artist here on emptees!
  • Evanimal

    Well thanks a lot man, I'm blushing now. And thanks to the rest of you, I'm glad I can draw shit that doesn't suck too much.

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