Approved design for metal masters Carnifex.

  • Adam Vaudin

    finally !
    she looks pleasant.
  • seventharmy

    this is........... I can't say anything!

  • Travis Cook

    niceeee oneee. All I can say is I hope you did not go through Victory Records for this!
  • NVasion

    I love gasmask-designs and this one is really amazing
  • Beadler

    this is so sweetsvill
  • 110specialblack


  • Alex Mitchell

  • Betraydan

    Awesome , great work as always dude.Are you still using manga studio Ex 3?
  • EmpireDesigns

    Oh My Jesus!!! Gas Masks are Amazing!!
  • Evanimal

    Top notch.
  • Salty Dog

    Damn Brandon...killing it! Haven't forgotten about you. Waiting for the right band to work with. Cheers!
  • SeanIsLegend

    Super awesome dude, nice one.
  • itcamefromthesky

    I motion that we kick Brandon Heart off Emptees.
  • Survival

    so good
  • oss caroch


    like that!!!
  • Benjamin Lande

    haha so evil, love it!
  • downrodeo

    So amazing, I can't stand it. I'm gonna break my wacom tablet now.
  • Ciro

    seventharmy said: this is........... I can't say anything!


    oh shit... lovin it!
  • i came from nothing

    NICOLO NIMOR said: oh shit... lovin it!
  • Jaypantastic

    great job,her hands are my fav. part for some reason.
  • xjoshuabelangerx

  • Travis Cook

    ohh shitt! TOTD SNIPE!
  • mark weighall

    i love you
  • Sam Kaufman

    amazing work Brandon
  • BrandonHeart

    Thanks everyone, you are all lovely.
  • BrandonHeart

    godmachine said: fancy coming to the back of the bike sheds with me?

    I fancy going anywhere with you big boy.
  • BrandonHeart

    Travis Cook said: niceeee oneee. All I can say is I hope you did not go through Victory Records for this!

    Thanks dude! It was through The Artery Foundation, the transaction went as smooth as could be.
  • downrodeo

    I seriously think this is going to be tee of the month... the execution is just flawless dude.
  • minorhero

    brandon heart gets radderer every fucking day.
  • Setup85

    godmachine said: its the book..nah the hands...nah its the shading...its just just everything...

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