A tee for Imperial!

Very nice guys go check it out!


  • Imperial

    Yep, this has been made and will be on sale in a couple of weeks.
    Drop me an email if you want 1 reserved. j.thompson@imperialclothing.co.uk
  • Travis Cook

    skull with hair said: i don't think this is grammatically correct.

    yeah, this makes me think of things like

    and then they stay on tour...
  • SUCK

  • litoQ

    What goes on, on tour... ? this make my brain hurt

    looks cool though...
  • kimsuarez

  • MonsieurEureka

    skull with hair said: on second thought... this makes no fucking sense.

    I think it can be associated with bands doing stupid stuff when their on tour and keeping secret about it maybe?

    thank you guys for loving it :)
  • doylecore

    shouldn't it be 'what HAPPENS on tour......'?
  • dstreetz

    ahhh yeah.!
  • volatile v

    doylecore said: shouldn't it be 'what HAPPENS on tour......'?

    or perhaps at least 'what goes on during tour stays a secret to those who went on tour'

    i really like the idea of this tee and i would buy it if it make a little more sense, haha. sorry to burst your bubble man!
  • Imperial

    Your right it makes more sense to be "what happens on tour stays on tour".
    It comes from a saying. Clearly not that popular where you are from.
  • Backfire

    You might have a problem with your name mate


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