The are fearless, criminally insane, and like to have dolphin sex on the weeknights. Beware!

NJ said no, so the artwork is for sale. Come and get it.


  • atomicchild

    that bloody water text rules
  • Evanimal

    Well YOU rule!
  • whyball

    Love the bloody writing too ! and the dolphins of course :)
  • R.Pratt

    Excellent work!
  • nelloforesto


    it would be much better if the teeth had blood on it..but still its an AWESOME piece....great work
  • litoQ

    thats some crazy overbite lol... so good!
  • Sol Amstutz

  • Evanimal

    Thanks a ton! I hope someone buys it so that these ferocious mammals can see the light of day.

    Breakteeth- nope, drawn in Manga, colored in photoshop.
  • mattgondek

    Damn! This is scary I love it

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