Another design I did for Fright Rags. Not that I needed an excuse to draw Christopher Lee.

Fright Rags

  • scumbugg

  • dustinnance

    looks good
  • oohdoyle

    GBI said:
    dustinnance said: looks good
  • Setup85

    tha best
  • Birdie31

    the shirt is 10x better than the movie.
  • scumbugg

    Birdie3431 said: the shirt is 10x better than the movie.

    hopefully youre referring to the original... wouldnt be to hard to do anything better than the remake...
  • atomicchild

    awesome man
  • gefiction

    love it sir
  • bleet

    fook thats cool!!!
  • fallen

  • markusmanson

  • R.Pratt

  • Geoff May

    This is great.
  • scumbugg

    pithappened said: Is this still for sale?

    buy it here!
  • Benjamin Lande

    Great work! I love how the demons end the composition..
  • Evanimal

    Nice one bro! I just posted my new Fright Rags rag as well!
  • fright-rags

    This is one of my new faves (along with the Pennywise design). The colors and composition are just outstanding. Great job Matt!

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