Does what it says on the tin. A Literal Electric Zombie. Also comes in Skate deck flavour...

  • Jamers

    ooohhhhhhhh shit.
    this is hot!
  • bleet

    can i kiss it?
  • Survival

    i ordered this yesterday!
  • collisiontheory

    Love the type man!!!
  • danmumford

    collisiontheory said: Love the type man!!!

    thanks! it's some of my favourite actually, did it with real paint brush textures!
  • danmumford

    bleet said: can i kiss it?

  • danmumford

    godmachine said: its a zombie and its ELECTRIC! you win this beauty big fella:

    WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!??!..hehehe.
  • Travis Cook

    this is amAZING!
  • volatile v

    this is in the mail to me right now

  • kevinandersson

    This is soooo sick! I love it!
  • danmumford

    AaronJames said: any chance you know what kind of wood the skate deck is made out of or what company its from?
    i would LOVE to skate it!!!
    this design is amazing

    nope, Kyle would know..
  • MonsieurEureka

    yeah great!! I was waiting for a real electric zombie!
  • kevinluong

    this will be arriving any day now!

    i should've gotten the deck too :(

    Just got this shirt in the mail! Great design printed on a great tee to.
  • Benjamin Lande

    wow! one of my favorites of yours.
  • William

    Incredible is an understatement.
  • BrandonHeart

    I...I...can't even find the words to describe the awesomeness before me
  • Adam Vaudin

    Why had i NOT Loved this ?
  • Betraydan

    the probability is that this is indeed the best.

    totd with out a doubt!
  • alexcampbellart

    hey i have this shirt!


  • Setup85

  • tidyink

    Quality. I like this new liquidy effect that you are using. makes him even more grose.
  • xjoshuabelangerx

  • EmpireDesigns

    Oh My God!!! You Inspire Me!!!!
  • Ben Danger

    ridiculous. That is what salvia feels like
  • jumpy

    so very cool
  • danmumford

    Thanks you guys, glad you all dig it!

    Im wearin the totd! weird :D
  • Jo-Bear

    Mr. Dan Mumford
    your work is amazing
    and i went to your website
    i am now a fan!!
    great stuff
  • adfreak

    Geezz bro im a big fan! your work is sick! i totally admire your art
  • mathiasrapp

    Picked this one up a while ago, amazzzziiinnng

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