A much cooler alternate ending for both film franchises...


    i need your clothes your boots your motorcycle
  • R.Pratt

  • 8-bit ZOMBIE

  • mark weighall

    rad of ultimate maximum
  • cityhall

    This looks like it was drawn using a super nintendo! That may sound like an insult but I guarantee I mean it as a huge (HUGE) compliment. This kicks ass
  • Josh Elowsky

    nice shading and highlites btw
  • tidyink

    shit yeah!! i need this too!!!!
  • DeadRight

    Poor Marty. This rules by the way.
  • lmt337

    NICOLO NIMOR said: i need your clothes your boots your flux capacitor
  • technik

    =))) yes!!!
  • delorean

    so good!
  • Elliothread


    hahaha, genious concept
  • Matt Ryan

    love it. give it to me.
  • William Henry

    Reminds me of this.
  • Go Ape Shirts

    concept and art are great! i think the text could use some work to look more like the original.
  • alexmdc

    hahahahaa so badass!
  • bleet

    shiiit niggga hahahaha
  • fallen

    damn!~ i want this!
  • jeremiah was a

    haha freaking sweet
  • johncarrington

    Hast la vista, baby Jesus.
  • SteveOramA

    nice mix of movies.
    good work.
  • R.Pratt

    Thanks for the nice words guys!
  • R.Pratt

    Mulder said: Reminds me of this.

    Yeah, that just came out last week before I started coloring this. I couldn't believe it. I was even subscribed to videos from these guys on youtube. Great minds...
    Atleast they never used the "I'll Be Back, To The Future" line.
  • Mike Gaboury

    hahaha yes! this is huge win
  • heat.

    ahaha great!
  • oscarface

  • lumad

    so nice man!
  • markusmanson

    love it!
  • gambit1021

    /thumbs up
  • Always A New Day

    how much?!?! That's the fuckin cat's pajamas right thurr!

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