Halloween Inspired artwork now for sale at Designbyhumans.com :D

  • Hitchman

    Wow! great idea, I really like this
  • jeremiah was a

    pretty awesome man, dig the deetz and colours
  • WinterArtwork

    congrats on your win Alex!
  • 8-bit ZOMBIE

    Yeah, this is great! So cool.
  • buko

  • alexmdc

    thank you guys!!!!
  • alexmdc

    :) thanx for the kind words Blair :P
  • Chreck

    Nice job man, congrats on the print!
  • alexmdc

    thank you sir!
  • jimmybreen

    Super creative. Loved! This rules.
  • 1000eyesdesign

  • R.Pratt

    Beautiful drawing

    congratz man! I really dig this design!
  • alexmdc

    thanx everyone! i placed an order to egt the shirt, I cant wait to see how it printed.

    its for sale on dbh, follow the buy now link on top and buy to support :D thanx everyone!

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