New hoodie design for The Black Dahlia Murder. (i think its coming on a tee too)Based on the movie 'The Abominable Dr Phibes' in which the Dr gets revenge on various people for not saving his 'bride' after an accident. The hoodie itself was one hell of an intense job, and i was allowed essentially free reign, not only is there the back print, but also the front panels and both arms as well as type across the hood, its basically the most intense piece of merch i've ever worked on, and the print came out spot on!

Not been posting much recently as im holding back for the launch of my new website..hells yeah.

  • danmumford

    full gallery of images here.

  • danmumford

  • tidyink

    Hell Yes!!! This is AWESOME!!!!!
  • tidyink

    How many colours you kicking on this mo fo?

    New website sounds fun.

  • danmumford

    tidyink said: How many colours you kicking on this mo fo?

    New website sounds fun.

    thanks buddy! you know, im not sure..i think all seperated its at least 10...i was allowed to go crazy though, haha, so i did! And yeah, new site courtesy of our favourite pavey!
  • Adam Vaudin

    would blow if the printing sucked, amazing work ! Awesome from all angles.
  • dobi

    that is the most labor intensive hoodie i've ever seen.
  • Betraydan

    pure awesome - Speechless
  • DeadRight

    Incredible work on the hoodie.
  • derekdeal

    this is fucking nuts dude, way impressive
  • NVasion

    sickest hoodie ever. So amazing!

    holy fuack!
  • mikechardcore

    This is just ridiculously good. I think my head just exploded.
  • EmpireDesigns

    DAYUM!!! Where can I pick one of these up?
  • litoQ

    /me is speechless

    damn! I hope you were able to bill like 2 or 3k for something this detailed. That had to take forever. awesome!
  • Unicorn

    NVasion said: sickest hoodie ever. So amazing!
  • Kyle Crawford


    Mum strikes again! Great colors, amazing flow!
  • Monsterror

  • jimiyo

    the print is awesome! love red/blue contrast
  • Miguel Abreu

    Classic Dan!
  • Benjamin Lande

    Absolutely amazing work! I hope they print a t-shirt version of this too!
  • Craig Robson

    incredible. the portraits on the front look amazing!
  • Ciro

    NVasion said: sickest hoodie ever. So amazing!
  • 1000eyesdesign

    wow. the story was a nice touch
  • seventharmy

    Damn...this is so sick!!
  • danmumford

    Thanks everyone! glad its going down so well, it was a real fun one to do, took my time getting all the bits right for a nice package..! Got some other nice new ones coming for BDM too, including a...DUNE inspired one, yes!
  • Travis Cook

    if only I still dressed like this. I would buy this up in a second!
  • Survival

  • ChrisAnnihilation

    no way
  • uzi

    Shit. Gotta have this..
  • 110specialblack

    words..gah..perfect zipper.
  • againstbound

    My favorite piece from you.

    I don't know if it's just me but sometimes with your designs I need to look closely to properly see what's going on. But not in this one, all elements are distinguishable at first sight and overall it's just fucking awesome.

    I really like how you left the girl's face clean and used it as the main focus point, I would like to see more of that in your future work.

    Recap: Shit rules!
  • Jaypantastic

    Your a great artist. My favorite piece of yours by far!
  • alexmdc

  • oohdoyle

  • kevinluong

    dobi said: that is the most labor intensive hoodie i've ever seen.
  • Christopher Lovell

    very very nice work dude!

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