These shirts are printed with gold and silver foil print which really make the shirt “pop” The 2 different versions are both available on either American Apparel, or Hanes 50/50’s and you can pick them up over at
Chutzpah Closet
on District Lines!

  • ryanmiller

    haha, i love you.
  • Chris Martin

    you probably think it looks odd because the jew and the ish are separate….. Just a basic ass design, nothing wild, but I like doing basic Tees with humorous ideas.. Thanks for the input though!!!
  • Chris Martin

    hahaha it’s more the “cause you isreali hot” at the bottom that is the joke

    isreali = is really…..
  • Chris Martin

    nah man, we all know you were extremely serious… its cool…

    It’s just not nice to go around telling people that I am a jew shit…. so effed up…

    BUT! I actually had like 2 people that told me that they totally didn’t get that design, and I thought they were just idiots… but then I thought maybe it really was confusing for goyem like you…. lol-a-saurus rex!
  • 1000eyesdesign


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