Client work that never got sold. They were usually pretty good about paying regardless if they wanted it or not, but this was the last of the whole set so... I kinda got stiffed, but I feel like I dropped the ball on them too, so no biggie.

Art for sale if you think you can handle the all over print.

DBH maybe? I dont know who else could print all over like this properly. But it might be a little too affliction-y for DBH?

Hey look.. Collision Theory texture in the BG. ;D

  • quakerninja

    You are starting to get the hang of this kiddo.
  • LiviuMatei

    quakerninja said: You are starting to get the hang of this kiddo.

    yeah, work a little more and you just might be there:P
    love it!
  • collisiontheory

    Loved it for the texture haha. You should submit to Uneetee it seems they're starting to go all-over prints too.

  • Survival

    This is great jimiyo!

    awesome.... love the texture to the design as well!
  • isaboa

    you got the skills man
  • merchmania


    Send me a email and we talk.

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