After looking more into the threadless loves contest, I decided to do something more professional and simple, that shows the positive side of what a geek is all about the knowledge and how the answers to many unasnwered questions is out there in someones mind waiting to be discovered.

this would be a 3 color print on either a mint of turquoise color shirt.

  • alexmdc

    it's up for scoring, if you guys like it please help :)

    I approached this one with a different style from my usual work

    All the answers - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More
  • fallen

    pretty funky colors! so cool!
  • Coty

    I love this. I would definitely pick this shirt up.
  • rasefour

    Attila said: Yeah this is a different style, i like it!

    wow I like the typobrain... that's cool...
  • joeROOSTER

    Dope! when i first seen it i thought of the printed mind
  • derekdeal

    this is super nice
  • mattcorrado

    well done man. enjoying the texture on the head.
  • mumolabs

    very cool!
  • Adhesive Hippo

  • tobiasfonseca

    that's awesome!
  • ThirstyFly

    Loving this different style! Eloquent.
  • Adhesive Hippo

    Will the grunge/distress be halftoned, i've been curious about that for a while.
  • alexmdc

    not its just flat color, and whatever is distress is just part of the shirt color.

    the shirt is a 3 color print :)
  • jimmybreen

    love this love this love this love this love this!
  • godsloadedsociety

    oh man, this would be an amazing TPM shirt.
  • Adhesive Hippo

    godsloadedsociety said: oh man, this would be an amazing TPM shirt.

    As long as it doesn't have TPM plastered across it. I would definitely buy this as a threadless tee, and if TPM was incorporated into the brain, I'd probably buy it there
  • alexmdc

    excuse my ignorance, what is TPM?
  • litoQ

    jimmyh said: love this love this love this love this love this!
  • alexmdc

    oooh thank you :)
  • Setup85

    Awesome and bright!
  • alexmdc

    thank you guys!!!!!
  • buko

    great work!
  • alexmdc

    thanx buko!
  • alexmdc

    my friend Randy (iRocko) took the pictured, I added the background and mocked the image on it

    I really, really like this.
  • Birdie31

    hmmm just found this..
    nice work!

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