Hey guys, this is my DBH submission, so if you do have the time, please vote dudes and dudettes... thank you all! :)

Diars is Afrikaan for animals, btw. :)

Vote Here Please

  • kevbo

    Great piece man! voted.
  • downrodeo

    Kevvbo said: Great piece man! voted.

    Thank you Kevvbo, I really appreciate it man! :)
  • alexcampbellart

    Voted as previously stated, this rules.
  • downrodeo

    alexcampbellart said: Voted as previously stated, this rules.

    haha, terima kasih, alex. :)
  • downrodeo

    LargerPants said: I signed up for the site just to vote for this shirt!

    Oh thank you bro, that statement has just made my whole week! :)

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