My letter Q submission for Rusty's teefury, but I decided to color it in and throw it on a shirt.

Vote for it now at DBH!

  • gaunty

    DBH this man it looks rad!
  • Betraydan

    Johnny D said: so cool
  • alexcampbellart

  • Integral

    Love the placement and colors!
  • Survival

    this reminds me of star wars! awesome!
  • The Quickness

    Thanks so much everyone!

    I'm a little hesitant as to where to sub it to. I was first thinking DBH since they would probably be able to print it like the mock up but I'm not sure if it is their style or not.

    But I'll do it anyways =)
  • William

  • Jo-Bear

    how many colors
  • The Quickness

    Jonny Graphic said: how many colors

    It's 5 colors but it can be 4.
  • litoQ

    you know I'd rock this shit
  • Shifted Image

    hey man i just found this.


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