This is my first tee design, inspired by and dedicated to my best friend/lil’ sister Alicia (lici), who passed away July 11th 2007 in a tragic car accident. She was truly an inspirational person and that is what Im attempting to portray with this design

Added radial burst to the tee by popular demand

  • derekdeal

    the illustration is pretty killer, id love to see the burst make its way onto the shirt
  • Geoff May

    That burst on the shirt would kill.
  • litoQ

    thanks guys i do appreciate the comments, keep the feedback comin…puttin the burst up next by popular demand
  • Geoff May

    When you make this a finished shirt I’d definitely give it some love.
  • Sam Kaufman

    I do see the resemblance. Using the whole figure/ground thing, very cool! Maybe repeat the Love out loud somewhere in the design. Maybe behind the figure and behind the head in the pinkish tone to give it a big more depth. Just a suggestion and you could disregard it completely. Although I do like the simplicity of the type. Just an idea, but great work regardless!

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