WIP ~ any suggestions? Is this done? Would love to get feedbacks :) thanks!

-simulated process-

Love it here too :)

  • quakerninja

    Yeah it's done, but about due for a comeback. It's a little heavy on the left side, maybe balance it out some more.
  • smoking

    thanks man, 'appreciate that
  • JoeBaronDesign

    You can balance it out, but looking at it looks like the lighting is hitting the one side of the skull and the shade is on the other. it seems to work. I think it's a personal preference.
  • smoking

    Thanks guys!
    Here's the updated version, with optional lineworks to break the thick wash
  • litoQ

    I love it! the original is it dude... I like the update alot too but Id totally cop the top one right now
  • smoking

    melicano said: keeewl work marco. Tatlong pinoy on the front page? Go Team!

    Go team!!!
  • jublin

    i love it. i prefer the first version and i'm wondering if it looks any good on black. have you tried that?
  • smoking

    Thanks guys, I subbed it!
    Happy/Grim - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More
    I can always take out the lineworks if people prefer the original :)

    Hey Jubs, I think it looks good on black too, will perhaps make a version when it's up for running
  • dovemans

    GrassRoots said: Call it "Skullorful"

  • nelloforesto

  • isaboa

  • smoking

  • alexcampbellart

    laser bread said: just when i think i'm tired of skull designs, i see something like this, awesome work man.
  • smoking

    Thanks folks! It is up :)
  • buko

    amazing color!
  • smoking

    wow thanks!
  • smoking

  • smoking

  • smoking

    Sweet! thanks :)
  • isaboa

  • smoking

    THANKS! :)
  • bandwagonmerch

    I like this. It's a fresh skull design and that's a rarity.
  • smoking

    !maltzman was here!
  • smoking

    Hi littlem!
  • bsweber

  • smoking

    will do :) thanks!!

    Michael Partridge said: how has this not bben picked up or printed?!!

  • Harvest

    channa said: I know I'm a little late on this...but does any know where to buy this shirt?

    I love this design!

    I don't think it was ever printed.
  • 604republic

    Hey Marco, trying to get in touch with you about this design... email me.
  • LOLhippo

    how do i buy this design ?

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