honestly this design came from the idea of me wanting to name a shirt "Shark Dad". This is the black shirt version. There is also a lighter version with an idea to have the "blood" printed in UV ink.

shark dad in the house.

vote here if you'd like, thanks!

  • gaunty

    haha cool
  • jublin


  • Kyle Crawford

    dude i love this, I will buy this if you win, seriously awesome
  • Mattfacce

    I really dig that man!
  • danmumford

    Love for the name alone. The designs sweet too!
  • Go Ape Shirts

    you're my hero
  • andrE w.

    this is awesome
  • JBennettDesigns

    andrE w. said: this is awesome
  • jib

    nice one!
  • LiviuMatei

    i like jublin too:)
  • sockmonkee

    i love your winding type designs, great work
  • jublin

    and i like you guys! thanks!
  • Travis Cook

    I want that UV shi[r]t!
  • jublin

    thanks for the comments everyone! it got a pretty good score at threadless so now we play the waiting game.

    ... ho hum humm

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