The never ending epic battle.

White and Black printed on slate American Apparel shirt.

  • noFunk

    this is really nice, love the detail. can you post a shot of the whole design?
  • Enclothe

    Detail Shot
  • Chaddoesdesign

    thats rad, dude.

    The illustration is immense!
  • jfinley

    Man the drawing is cool, but I wish it was bigger on the shirt!
  • alrightok

    I just posted a link to enclothe on my blog the other day:

    said the same thing as jeff! you guys have some awesome shit though.
  • Enclothe

    Hey everyone! Thanks for all the great feedback.

    Currently that design is the max size I can print. I’ll be fixing that early next year though.

    Thanks for the blog post alrightok
  • Scarecityclothing

    this is suck a bada$$ epic shirt lol

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