Heres a design i just finished, i sketched all the images out then went over them in fireworks in a pretty rough way, to get the effect i wanted.

let me know what you think!

Edit: updated the image to show new size and position of the design!

  • noFunk

  • noFunk

    Nate said: The graphic is awesome! I would say make the graphic larger and in the center.

    I’ve updated the mock-up, i think your right about the size, bigger is better!
  • noFunk

    Nate said: It looks awesome. I really like the yellow version, you can tell the details better. For the placement, I would put it further from the neck line. When I print, my rule is always 3 or 4 inches from the neck. (unless the design calls for it to be coming from the neck.)

    thanks for the tip, Yeh the original design was always meant for a yellow tee, but then i thought about a sort of night time version where the screens stand out, hence the blue. I’m going to print both versions :)
  • derekdeal

    i bet he’s reading a pilot for a tv show
  • Beadler

    very cool man.
  • noFunk

    altairdesigns said: i bet he’s reading a pilot for a tv show

    haha when i first sketched it out the guy was sitting the other way around and the book said TV Guide, but i decided it looked better facing backwards.

    gausman said: this is really awesome on the blue

    Thanks, the more i look at the blue version the more i like it
  • noFunk

    wow my first "tee of the day"! thanks guys
  • noFunk

    malicious said: oh great color is in balance...

    i have no idea what that means...but thanks!
  • Chris Martin

    Have you printed these yet? If not get in touch with me.. i love this design!
  • Monster Pop

    this is totally the style of threadless i know its a bit old, im new and just looking threw all the old posts (:

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