Dead Viking design for the band Heavy Hearted.

  • chrisrushing

    LOVE IT.
  • sockmonkee

  • derekdeal

    another winner
  • jfinley

    so awesome
  • skullface

    absolutely sick!
  • horsebites

    andrew said: did you do this by chance?

    Yes! I was gonna post that but I thought the colors were too similar to this shirt design.
  • litoQ

  • horsebites

    AaronJames said: i LOVE your work man! can i ask you your methods of mayhem, if its not to much to ask?

    Not too much methods of mayhem going on, just grabbing a pen and drawing. Thanx for the kind words.
  • horsebites

    The Biking Viking said: A FALLEN BROTHER! VIKING TEAR!

    He will live in our hearts. Or was it farts?

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