This has been made while listening to Arvo Part. It represent his contemporary and oh so beautiful music. The Celo means keeping a secret (in italian), and the sonority of the word can mean Cello, a beautiful music instrument!

Please give me a vote on DBH! :)

  • Adhesive Hippo

    I've been waiting too long for this. Sub it at threadless, it seems very "select" ish
  • MonsieurEureka

    Would be great! Thank you man, I dive into a different style these days, maybe it's because of classical music.. :)

    Do you see the detail version, because I don't see it?
  • 1000eyesdesign

    so brilliant
  • Jake Ward

    you are a breath of fresh air, your style is so unique
  • MonsieurEureka

    thank you guys!

    Detail :

  • MonsieurEureka

    PippySaid said: I've missed this stuff so much <3

    Cool, this push me further to make more designs like this!
  • MonsieurEureka

    wow, haha, that would be great, I hope it will win on DBH if not, I reallly hope someone takes it, because I want to wear it haha.

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