my first submission ever to threadless...
4 colors design on a teal tee.
pending approval.
hope you like it ;]

I know there's a lot of mummy designs and people ripping off other's people work. this one was inspired by the awesome works ok Dan Mumford and Pushead. please, let me know if anyone think this can be a rip and I'll remove the design. thanks!

  • corefolio


    twisted mummy - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More
  • Kyle Crawford

    yea man this is great, not like the normal stuff you do, love it!
  • corefolio

    godmachine said:
    discordantart said: so so so so good

    yes andy! what are you using to draw with these days?

    a magic mix between technical2B-.07pencils/plainpaper/scanner/photoshop/illustrator/painter/thenphotoshopagain/alotofhashbongs/gazillionscupsofcoffee/horror-goremovies a go-go/lookingattheworksofinspiringartitslikeyou...
  • mark bennett

  • gaunty

  • downrodeo

    Corefolio linework + color + imagination = world domination.
  • corefolio

    redemptionclothing said: so rad. This would go well with my line.:)

    thanks man. just write me and i'll be very happy to draw something new that fits your taste/line ;]
  • atomicchild

    dang man this is great.....I will be giving this a five when it comes up for vote

    amazing color!
  • MichaelLoSauro

    discordantart said: so so so so good
  • JBennettDesigns

    kyleisez said: yea man this is great, not like the normal stuff you do, love it!
  • Survival

    amazing bro, i love the signature teeth!
  • justLowd

    I've never really been into any of the gore/horror/mummy stuff on emptees, but I really do like this. Good job!
  • Benjamin Lande

  • corefolio

    whoa!!! thanks guys!

    Survival said: amazing bro, i love the signature teeth!

    ahahahahahah! thanks bro :]
  • deekin

    so so good! duznt look like a rip to me. awesome possum!
  • Survival

    honestly man, i can tell right away this is your work...fuck what other people say about rips and stuff, this really doesn't look like pushead or mumford...this is pure corefolio.
    dont listen to haters trying to bring you down, you rule and you're more inspiring than you'll ever know.
  • darianln

    nice. this'll make totd quickly.
  • The Quickness

    If they dont print this, they're dumb.
  • Killer Napkins

    oooh boy .... very very nice!!
  • Erchu

    Great work
  • NVasion

    great work and very original. His expression is awesome, totally twisted!
  • alexcampbellart

    discordantart said: so so so so good
  • alrightok

    sick job on the shading
  • Keith.

    The coloring on this is great! I hope this gets printed.
  • aleph13

    Haha! Looks like he was just pulled from the world's smallest sarcophagus!

    Love it!
  • kevbo

    This is one of my favorites of the site now! Love your work dude.
  • corefolio

    Slohann said: whats the world come to when this hasnt won T of the Day? fucking Ripper dude..

  • Monster Pop

    did this ever get printed?

    if not im interested in purchasing and printing this in my line!!! hit me up

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