reinvented the wizard of oz to zombie stylee...
just passin the time at the office...


enjoy peeps!


  • treycook

    first. this shit RULES! great concept and brilliantly executed.
  • aleph13

    Cool reimagining!
  • migy

    love this kind of shit!!! ^^ great work!!! 3 thumbs up
  • herky

    Fantastic, my favorite is the "zombie" tin man.
  • jimiyo

    that is FANTASTIC man!
  • whyball

    you are drawing like that, and you are still going at work ?!? Quit your job and start making money !!!
    love the red/white one.
  • Ciro

    jimiyo said: that is FANTASTIC man!
  • everybodylovesirine

    wicked!!! love this dude
  • Shifted Image

    man i wish i could buy everything you make this is freaking great!!!!! E-mail me up with what your asking for it ill see if its possible.
  • DCBeatty

    crap dude i love it in the red and white. amazing idea too. love it.
  • mumolabs

    awesome! great detail!
  • ibzombieliquorice

    Love It for sure!
  • Joshua Stomberg

    wow, I'm going to have nightmares, this movie freaked me out when I was a little kid.
  • Integral

    zombie Dorothy? classic!
  • Travis Cook

    boy i want this to be colored
  • xjoshuabelangerx

    traviscollateral said: boy i want this to be colored

    no way man, hit this 1 color. so awesome.
    you see skottie young redoing wizard of oz for marvel?
    won't let me IMG it, so here's the link.
  • spokeduck


    what did I tell you about being awesome? heh heh great job again dude

    ps the lion looks crazy good!
  • Greg Abbott

  • sockmonkee

    what everyone said about the idea/execution.

    awesome dood
  • Randi

    Wow. The only thing that would make this better is if you added a little zombie Toto to the back of the shirt.
  • treycook

    incoming 1 color TOTD
  • Benjamin Lande

    Amazing drawing! I would love to see this as one of your full color pieces.
  • downrodeo

    are you like the Jesus of t-shirt art? ;)
  • Setup85

    aleph13 said: Cool reimagining!
  • Erchu

    Amazing! someone better get this printed
  • atomicchild

    u are good sir
  • MichaelLoSauro

    treyinstereo said: incoming 1 color TOTD
  • Shifted Image

    MykeCatastrophic said:
    treyinstereo said: incoming 1 color TOTD

    here it is
  • awakencompany

    dang, you're killing it with all of the TOTD's lately haha

    great work as always, i love this concept!
  • kennybanzai

    nice job! so awesome!
  • ThinkBaker

    Holy hell...... wow.


    I think you are paying the mob to be shirt of the day :D
  • andrE w.

    ur fuckin awesome

    Randi said: Wow. The only thing that would make this better is if you added a little zombie Toto to the back of the shirt.

    yes yes.
  • Monster Pop

    freakn A this DESTROYS!!!

    so awesome!
  • shithead

    yeah baby D:

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