Well, it took me about 30-36 hours of work… i wish i had a wacom tablet... this is what i’ve got. I’ll be doing more work on it tomorrow, any suggestions?

  • Acid

    Yea I love the brown and blue, but I think more could help it. Love it so far. well done.
  • chrisrushing

    im doing an octopus right now too. but for a tie.
  • Joshua Stomberg

    thanks for all the suggestions :D
  • Joshua Stomberg

    jimmyheartcore said: 30-36 Hours?! Even without a Wacom that’s a really long time.

    What is your process?

    it’s cause i keep finding things i don’t like about it. This design is one of my “artist block” pieces … I keep trying things and nothing’s working, it’s frustrating, but i don’t want to give up on it just yet.
  • Joshua Stomberg

    newt00 said: how about making it all over? heh..

    i’ve been doing that :D
  • ThinkBaker

    So.... Where can I get one of these? I love it.

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