i made this design for my friends band called lullaby for terror attack .

so feel free to leave a comment ,
im not a professional designer , so please give me some critiques ,

  • Reindeer

    Sunday said: can bearly read the lull part of lullaby. looks more like Abyforterror Attack. possibly put in a a smallish gap between the words to differenciate

    oh i see , what do you think that i have better to do ?
    change the lull (lullABY) into LULL right ? :D
    thx a lot bro !

    thx for the critique guys, i appreciate it so much !
    yeah, shantz inspirited me on the font,

    Sunday said:
    Benji-AA said: shantz atempt?

    i think it's just the text that make this shantzy

    so someone draws with a pressure tablet text VERY wobbly and it becomes "Shantzy?"

    Not buying it.
  • Lane Fayssoux

    if anybody it looks like Drop not Shantz.
  • Tom Philibeck

    Yeah, give it some shading and vary the line-widths more. All of your line are the same thickness and that makes it look a bit stagnant.
  • Reindeer

    kuurei said: looks alot more better than your previous design

    thanks a lot kuurei, its getting more better

    -best regards.

    Guillermo said: styles dont match stop saying shantz .... and lots of people do there font like that

    thanks bro, agree
  • Reindeer

    pampidub said: OH ini orangnya yg asal tuduh ngerip..
    tanya2 dulu bos lain kali...
    jangan asal posting!!!

    tuh yg punya member sini juga...
    tu gw tuh yg jd talentnya,


    oh hehehe sorry bos, itu kmrn gw bukan nuduh
    malahan nanya orang jelas pake tanda tanya bukan tanda seru,
    hehe iya bos, hehe

    no offense ya :)

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