Enclothe's first cut & Sew hoodie!

Featuring 8 bit inspired all over camo pattern.
Arm Cuff Thumb Holes for quick gaming access.
Inside breast Ipod pocket
Metal Mushroom Zipper Pull
Extra fat lace hoodie pull string

80% Cotton 20% Poly

  • derekdeal

    first! awesome!
  • Adam Vaudin

    so gnarly!

    This rules!
  • Kolby

  • gaunty

    too good
  • Ben Danger

    get the hell outta here. thats pretty ridiculous
  • SUCK

    :D amazing!
  • chrisrushing

  • derekdeal

    Joey said: lose the thumb hole!!

    you dont live in cold weather!
  • Enclothe

    Thanks everyone!

    These are already made, thumbhole included. How else are you going to game in the cold and keep your hands warm?

    There are no characters present in the hoodie.
  • csj89

  • mumolabs

    oh yeah,.. great stuff!
  • sockmonkee

    a killer wombat said: If I could pull off wearing it I would so be all over this. Hell, I might just need to get one anyways.

    yeah im not into this kinda stuff as much anymore but it's tempting, great work on this hoood
  • tylerd1143

    holy poop this is sweet!
  • heat.

    Ahaha amazing!
  • delorean

    best hoodie ive ever seen!
  • HighFive

    i bought this :) can't wait to wear, sleep bathe in this <3
  • Oo Lori oO

    i hate thumbs holes!....mostly because i don't have thumbs
  • DCBeatty

    I've honestly never loved a hoodie as much as I love that one

    If I had $65 I wasn't gonna need cause of my friggin parking ticket, I will say that this is where it would be going for sure.
  • jfinley

    really rad!
  • Random

    WOW... seriously WOW!
  • aleph13

    Sweet! A hoodie gets TOTD.

    Love this one.
  • Joshua Stomberg

    OOOH damn, I know what I'm asking for for christmas!
  • Benzoe88

    this brought me back to the early 90`s this is dope!
  • MichaelLoSauro

    How did I miss this!?
  • Universitee Apparel

    did you get future shirts to do this? if so ... how did the sizing come out because I have a cut & sew im working on with them.
  • Enclothe

    We have a 'sequel' coming out in Nov...

    it'll fit the theme of world 1-2

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