I'm Moving...(Arrived)



Freaking Sick!

roid rage is now up!

Help me test my site?

What kind of inks and printing method?


Depeche Mode - Amazon.com - Cgtalk.com

I need a new tote

As a designer what time of the year are ...

Posting art on Emptees

sundays are boring!!!

Clothing Companies.

Do you use free vectors?


Fuck City

LUXE Tees.. Any good?

deepfrying FTW!

First Show A Success

Old design on New Colors What you Think?

to you ever get the urge to move stuff a...

T Shirt Show Call for Entries!!


Quick Question..

Do you buy fonts?

Guitar HerOwned

jimmy, gm you have new shirts in HT

Still time (I think)...

New Portfolio Site

Dark Floors

why christina why?

Moog Unveils Badass Guitar with Infinite...

DTG can go crawl in a whole and die some...

Be The 80s

holy crapppp

jasons mask in the new movie!

New Era 59fifty Printers ?

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